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Last year, I bought an REI Travel down bag.  It is rated as +45.  It weighs 27 ounces and compresses to about 6x12 inches.  I paid $109.00 for it.  I hiked in VA during June, July, & Aug. including many nights above 4,000 feet.  What I like about this bag the most is the double zipper.  I can zip up the bag then indoor the bottom so during a cold morning I can walk around while wearing the bag.  I used this bag in a hammock, if that makes any difference.  Hope that helps.

Craig. -Old Crow- 

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On 5/25/2012 12:34 AM, giniajim wrote:
> I'm needing a summer bag.  Light weight.  Compressible.  35-40 degrees.  Use
> primarily in the Virginia mountains.  I'd like to get a nice down bag, but
> probably beyond my price range right now.  Anyone have any favorites they'd
> like to suggest?

I got a Western Mountaineering "Highlight" a few years ago 
and have been happy with it. Compresses to the size of a 
football. Weighs nothing. Not a lot of cushioning (of 
course) and I don't care for the 1/2 zipper. but, I love the 


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