[at-l] Gregory Z packs

Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Wed Nov 7 08:18:14 CST 2012

On 11/7/2012 8:55 AM, Mark Hudson wrote:
> Hey Felix, I get where you're coming from with the 
> weight... I had a ULA P2 pack that I loved, 10 years or so 
> of hard hiking and it got to where the seams were starting 
> to look shaky.
> The new versions of the ULA gained a bunch of weight, and 
> I ended up with an Osprey. Fairly light pack (2.5 lbs as I 
> recall), but more bells and whistles than I need. I wish 
> they made a "Speed" version of the same pack, I haven't 
> worked myself up to cutting things off of it yet ;-)
> Glad somebody got a deal!

I'll never know why they change things that work just fine. 
My old pack has almost the perfect amount of room for the 
winter hiking I do (never needed more room) and weighs right 
at 3 lbs.  There were things I didn't necessarily like about 
it...so, hopefully the extra pound of the Z will change 
those things without changing the things I like about it 
(and, one of those is the 3 pounds!!)

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