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True that. But its the northERN Ruck. 

And Bears Den IS in northERN Virginia. 

AND it's north of the NOC where the SORUCK is held, though admittedly south of the Mason/Dixon line, but not much more than a day's hike if you're up to the 4 state challenge.  :-).  

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Virginia is hardly the North.

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We changed the name from PA Ruck to Northern Ruck after two years of the ruck being in VA.  But it's still the same ruck.  We're holding it again this year at Bear's Den Trail Center.  Same bat time, January 25-27, i.e. the last weekend of January.

We have a page up on Facebook and we should have a Northern Ruck website soon.  The old PA Ruck website is still up, with last year's information.  Much of which is still valid, so you can go there to refresh your memory if you like.

I'm hoping to see some familiar faces and some newbies.  I was reminded that the point of the ruck isn't reminiscing (although we do that a lot!) it's to help prospective thruhikers.  I'm gonna go find me some prospective thruhikers to invite.  :)

-amy / Mrs Joy

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