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Yeah, it gripes me to see this happen every year, and also the alternate
year ALDHA Gathering spot in the North that is drifting to the mid-point. We
can determine the best points by a method of dividing the AT trail miles
into equal units. (Another calculation could use the "hiker completion
database" to find the center point of residences of hikers, and make a
similar calculation based on the distribution of hikers that live near the


Using the 2012 databook, I calculated the following:

The Northern half of the trail has it's "middle" 8 miles South of Manchester
Center, VT or 6 miles North of Stratton Mtn. The point is in the middle of
the forest.


Likewise the Southern half of the trail has it's "middle" 4 miles North of
Atkins, VA. I think the next trail town is Ceres, another 8 miles north.
Some might remember the Davis Shelter, that's the spot.


In theory this change would allow a larger fraction of those who hike the AT
to travel to a Ruck or Gathering. I for one would welcome a chance for more
northern hikers to attend these events. Those in the South have got it
nearly right with the Ruck at NOC (mile 137) and the Gathering at Concord
College (Pearisburg is at mile 630).


Of course there are lot of reasons for accepting different sites, esp. the
monetary one. My experience has been a piling on of trips to PA/WV and VA
for events with only the MA Gathering in 2011 being different. -


Arthur D. Gaudet

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Virginia is hardly the North.




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We changed the name from PA Ruck to Northern Ruck after two years of the
ruck being in VA.  But it's still the same ruck.  We're holding it again
this year at Bear's Den Trail Center.  Same bat time, January 25-27, i.e.
the last weekend of January.

We have a page up on Facebook and we should have a Northern Ruck website
soon.  The old PA Ruck website is still up, with last year's information.
Much of which is still valid, so you can go there to refresh your memory if
you like.

I'm hoping to see some familiar faces and some newbies.  I was reminded that
the point of the ruck isn't reminiscing (although we do that a lot!) it's to
help prospective thruhikers.  I'm gonna go find me some prospective
thruhikers to invite.  :)

-amy / Mrs Joy

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