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Seems like we just slipped backward about 12 years.  When we started the Ruck, the complaints came from those in the South.  It was a long way to get to Pine Grove Furnace from Georgia.   So we laid it out - START YOUR OWN RUCK.  That's what the Ruck was about - not about travelling a thousand miles to get to it, but to have one of your very own.   Took 3 or 4 years before Orange Bug got it together to have the first Southern Ruck.  Say THANK YOU to Ogange Bug.   And that has worked out well - eventually thanks to Sly.  Say THANK YOU to Sly.   In the meantime, the Northern Ruck (or Mother Ruck if you will) kept on truckin'.  Say THANK YOU to POG and Marsha and all the others who kept it running and all of us fed.  Until we got kicked out of Pine Grove Furnace.  We won't talk about that part.  Then we just moved to Bears Den.  Two years now. I set up the first Bears Den Ruck but haven't yet been to one.  Missed one because of surgery and the next for the funeral of my ex-wife.  We'll try again this year.  Since the Ruck moved to Virginia there's been an ongoing discussion about the name.  This year it's gonna be the Northern Ruck simply because there's no Ruck north of Bears Den.  But then, the Mother Ruck was, I believe, only once north of the center point of the AT.  And that was because the center point moved South. End of argument.    NEXT YEAR - those in New England are required to find someplace to hold their own Ruck.  Then THEY can be the Northern Ruck and the Mother Ruck can wrangle about it's name again.  And all will be sunshine and roses.   Walk Softly,Jim

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