[at-l] boiling, over (long) Re: AT'93-09???

Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 16 16:25:50 CST 2012

I did not[!], in fact, blow up! "Yeaaaaaa!"
The water is dried and gone. "Yeaaaaaa!"
The house is *warmmmmmm*. "You callin' 60° 'warm'?? Yeaaaaaa!"
AND the patch (RTV silicone, silicon wrap, and then a plumbing "cast") that I put on an under-the-hardwood-flooring piping elbow last year (the elbow had split in half in an area unreachable via crawlspace, despite a 70' toes-and-elbows crawl hauling a plumbing kit behind me, this all necessitating the CAREFUL prying up of ancient hardwood floor, and then surgically cutting access into the base planking such that I could just lay them back and re-nail the hardwood...) Hoo boy. I'm tired just thinking about it....
ANYWAY, that whole patch thing has held up beautifully -- I know because SHEESH! If it didn't leak when the whole system was super-pressurized, and it certainly didn't leak last winter -- "Ta-dahhhh!" It's time to relay the hardwood flooring. "Yeaaaaaaaaaa!

So, there's four "Yea's".
Oh! And right up there in awesomeness is that the boiler (which last year necessitated a full go-over in excruciating detail, to figure out why it wasn't lighting...) lit on the first effort this year. "Yeaaaaaaa!

*Five* yeas.
Hallaluyah, pass the ketchup.
(And thanks to well-wishers. And yes, it did help to write it all down. Holy cow.)

Stay warm, all --

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I was thinking the same thing.  I hope the pipes didn't flood him again.  And I hope he has heat if he needs it.

What a mess for Toey!

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Lordamercy!  LOL  Poor, poor, Toey!  Has anyone heard from him this morning?!  :))

Tenacious Tanasi

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