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I'll be heading out tomorrow to start a short series of day hikes on the AT.
First will be something in the Berkshires as a way of continuing my 2011
hike northbound. 

By Monday I should be going southbound by car, to Harpers Ferry. I'll rest a
couple of days there before doing the leg that takes me to the Gathering. I
hope there'll be some familiar faces there.

For those not in the area: 

New England has just taken on the classic autumnal appearance in the metro
Boston area. The ferns are turning golden, leaves their own varied colors.
Birders are getting very excited about the erratic migrants being seen -
Say's Phoebe is one of them. Further north a Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher was
seen in Maine and hopes are that it is heading our way. The last 2 autumns &
winters have brought tremendous surprises of Texas and Mexican birds. I got
to see a Black-bellied Whistling Duck this summer! (doesn't migrate, lives
in S. Texas with a new population in Florida).

Bird people, including ornithologists, are theorizing that the extended
Texas drought has forced birds to send out scouts for new territories.


Arthur D. Gaudet

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