[at-l] WC's photos----Condor???

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I have never seen a condor in flight, but I have seen several bald eagles.  This looks to me like it might be one.  You can see a trace of white in the body area.  I am not sure if that is on the bird or in the background.  Bald eagles also have a large wingspan (up to 7.5 feet).  I have seen an eagle head on and this looks pretty close to what I saw.  Too bad there isn’t more of a side view, the shape of the head would really define which bird it is.  From what I can tell though, I think it is an eagle.

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Any “birders”  out there?  Would you recognize a Condor? 


When I asked…WC didn’t know……but I believe he captured a Condor in flight in picture # 5 in the group of pix from Aqua Dulce to Kennedy Meadows.

As I looked at the full-screen slideshow….pix # 5 caught my attention because at first I thought a black thread had fastened itself to my screen……then, I took a closer look.  Condors have been a “bring-back”  project on the West Coast for number of years…..and their silhouette is different from buzzards.  That “black string”  had an enormous wing-spread, so…..I was curious enough to see if he’d noticed that it might be a Condor.  Didn’t know…..said maybe others would. 




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