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First, if you're not on Google Alert - Appalachian Trail, here is a wonderful article that came through today.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/10/the-appalachian-trail_n_1949311.html  I was entranced.  I was actually surprised that I had no trouble accessing the Huffington Post, because I often have to fight with it to get it, and sometimes don't get it at all.

Also, I was up on Roan Mountain today to see the leaves.  Our paper told us that it was good leaf peeping time up there.  Also through Dennis Cove.  Anyway, the top of Roan Mt. was socked in with a cloud, but we stopped in the parking lot off the road crossing.  They've torn down the wonderful old privy there, and put in a new one right on the (far) edge of the parking lot.  It's a unisex one, rather than the M and W 'rooms' the old one had.  And it smells to high heaven!  I didn't see it as any improvement over the old one, and it sits right there where everyone can see you going in and coming out.  It was cold, wet, and windy up there, but I loved being there.  We have a new car that we wanted to take out today.  Had a nice time.  


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