[at-l] I felt the earth move under my feet...

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Tue Oct 16 20:13:39 CDT 2012

Didn't feel a thing in Quincy. Maybe I'm just not sensitive enough...

Allen Freeman

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On Oct 16, 2012 8:10 PM, "Mara Factor" <mfactor at gmail.com> wrote:

> What a day!
> Anyone else in the northeast feel the earthquake?  7:15ish pm, the house
> shook.  I live in Medford, MA these days, about five miles north of Boston.
>  I checked the USGS web site first and found out there was an earthquake in
> Maine, near Lake Arrowhead, with a magnitude of 4.6 (initially reported as
> 4.5).  Then I called my sister in the neighboring town to see if she also
> felt it - she had.
> It only lasted a couple of seconds and there was no damage but until I
> talked to my sister, I hadn't ruled out a nearby truck accident.
> All this after arriving home to an unusual amount of traffic parked on my
> street this afternoon and finding out the Dalai Lama was giving a talk on
> the next block.
> Phew!
> I am curious if others felt the shaking and where you were when you felt
> it...
> Mara
> Stitches, 1999
> P.S.  Oh, and apologies to Carole King, of course for usurping her
> lyrics...
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