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Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Sun Oct 21 19:01:58 CDT 2012

'twas 14 years ago today that I ran out of food. The worst food-planning
situation I had on the entire hike. For some reason I left DWG, and
then Wind Gap, with almost no food. We (Pokey and I) ate the last of our
meal food at Allentown Shelter. We got to Eckville Road and had no choice but to
hitch somewhere. We stashed our packs at the Eckville Shelter and stuck
out a thumb. We got a ride from the first car by. After a long trip to
Stony Mountain (I think) we found a store. This is where we went in to a
'carry-all' type store from the old days. This is also where this
conversation took place with the old store-runnin' woman:

Me: Do you take Master Card?
She: No.
Stoat (smugly): Do you take travellers' cheques?
She: What's a 'travellers' cheque'?

This is also where I gladly bought jelly that was nearly a year past the
'best before' date. When we got back to the trail, we decided to call it
a day. 8 measly miles. We kicked back and waited for the shelter master to get
home so we could order pizza. Order pizza we did. This is also where we
met, for the first time, Machu Picchu and Huayna. They were French-Canadians
with the goal of hiking all the way to Peru. When we told them we were going
to order 'za, their French-Canadian faces lit up. Order
pizza they did. I taught them how to say 'mayonaisse'.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
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