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And the truth always emerges in time...
(I wouldn't have gone on the Stop Smoking Hike and met Hot Dog, David,
Clyde/Fred or hit up the Long Trail without this list - and that means no
book either).

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>? I don't believe there would be a SoRuck with out this list. I wouldn't
know anything about the Swedish Volleyball team. Hands across the trail
would have never happened. The place in Damascus >might not have it's
siding.? All the folks that I have hiked with came from this list.? Without
them I would probably not of hiked nearly as much.? My heart would of
surely quit by now.? I am older by 3 >years then any other male ever in my
family, I believe because I hike.? So Ryan, Happy Birthday and thanks for
making it happen so I have had? more birthdays.?

>Speaking of which, I was finally busted for being older then Jan.? The h
er being older then me story started at a little store in Jones something
in Northern Vermont.? She was born in March and I was >born in May.? she
made the mistake at the time and I ran with it.? For ten years I got away
with it.? In Hot Springs we were having lunch with a Dr. I had been hiking
with and I said something about my >birthday being that next week.? He
asked how old I would be and without thinking I busted myself.? So jan is
really 10 months younger then me, even with all those birthdays she has....

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