[at-l] Hurricane

Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 29 18:32:27 CDT 2012

Dammit. I really thought 'carrot was going to use "adiabatic" in a sentence. I've had a $15 bet on it for 7 years now. "Orographic lift" would be good for $12, but if he'd said instead, "dry adiabatic lapse rate" -- I'da been on my way to a steak dinner tonight.

The luck.

--- On Mon, 10/29/12, Weathercarrot - <weathercarrot at hotmail.com> wrote:

If you look closely at the animated current radar loop (7:12pm eastern) over central PA where the Alleghenies bend from a north-south angle to an east-west angle, you can actually see the heavy yellow bands of rainfall following the topography. Very impressive visible orographic lift for such relatively low ridges....


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