[at-l] last report from Crawford Notch

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If you are so inclined you can reach them at:

Crawford Notch State Park
2057 US Route 302
Harts Location, NH 03812

This is the same "Harts Location" that is first to vote in elections along
with Dixville Notch. They typically vote 1 minute after midnight. From the
Jan. 10, 2012 Manchester Union Leader "At midnight, a total of 23 votes were
cast in town hall for the first-in-the-nation presidential primary. Voting
took two minutes and 26 seconds."

Arthur D. Gaudet
RockDancer on the Appalachian Trail
Rockdancer97 at comcast.net

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I looked for a Crawford Notch State Park email address, that I might copy
them on a lauding reply, but to no avail.

Well, regardless, as do all those who give so much to make the AT happen,
you rock so much, RD. I mean, aside from your off-season efforts, you then
go ahead and do the travel, do the gas, do the wear&tear on the auto, do the
rain, do the hard ground, do alllllllll the feed action and such...

...but to think that there would be a dollop of grief in there too, in the
form of bureaucracy *that* *should* *know* *better*....... Dang.

Well, my continuing very best wishes to you, and deepest thanks.

one-time hiker-type, longggggg long ago.

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The busiest day all summer was Saturday, Sept. 1. Mara (Stitches), Artie (a
friend of the trail) and I greeted and fed 31 hikers, 25 of them NoBo
hikers. This is the highest daily number all summer and, in a way, is a
puzzle. Some are planning to finish in 15 days, others will take nearly 6
weeks to reach Katahdin. We fed a total of 68 hikers on the weekend, making
a "season total" of 325 hikers.  The weather was beautiful all weekend in
Crawford Notch, with 70's in the daytime, down to high 40's at night. 

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