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Thanks Linda
I "borrowed" the book from Amazon for Kindle.  I read it and really enjoyed 
it. I recognized many of the people I have met  on the AT in the Characters 
described in this book. 
Thank You for recommending it.
The Old RidgeRunner 
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You know me and A.T. books, right?  Maybe you didn't 
know I  usually avoid the novels.  Thank goodness I 
didn't avoid this one,  "Stumbling Thru, Hike Your Own 
Hike"  by A. Digger Stolz, out earlier this year.  It's Book 
One of what  apparently will be only two volumes (I really 
wish there would be  more).  I highly recommend it.

The website is  http://adiggerstolz.wordpress.com/ and it's  
available on _www.amazon.com_ (http://www.amazon.com/) 

~~ eArThworm
_http://booksforhikers.com_ (http://booksforhikers.com/)     

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