[at-l] Little Hike Trip Report Belknap Mountain

Art Cloutman art at crystalacresnh.com
Mon Aug 5 10:37:51 CDT 2013

Belknap Mountain is owned mostly by the state of New Hampshire.

Great weather.   We left the parking lot at 10:45 AM heading up the 
Red trail.  It is only 0.9 miles to the summit but it is up hill the 
entire way.  The Green trail is steeper at 0.08 miles.  The Blue 
trail is 1.2 miles therefore more gradual up hill climb.

Loch is 14 years old and seemed to take charge of the kids.  He 
encouraged Audrey 7 yrs who has the shortest legs and for the first 
time that I can remember did not ask to be carried on a hike in NH. 
Emma 8yrs is a true hiker.  She stops frequently to  examine 
mushrooms, twigs, rocks, salamanders, leaves and views but always 
continues on with enthusiasm.

The summit was reached at noon where we had a short lunch.  We 
climbed the fire tower to get a peek at the Whites to our north and 
back to the south we could make out Crystal Lake where our cottages 
are located.  Belknap is situated in the lakes region on NH and is 
therefore surrounded by hundreds of lakes.  Winnipesaukea surrounds 
the Belknap Range on three sides so we got a great view of the big 

I decided to follow the Blue trail down because there is a good sized 
blueberry patch about half way down.  We picked blueberries for 1/2 
hour but decided to stop when thunder could be heard in the distance.

Gunstock Mountain is attached to Belknap by a saddle.  I work at 
Gunstock during Winter as a ski instructor.  They operate the 4th 
longest zipline tour in the world at Gunstock (longest in continental 
US.  We could hear the ZIPPERS rushing down the lines from the summit 
of Gunstock.  Kind of spoils the peace and quiet of a Belknap hike 
but I certainly understand the need for Summer attractions to a ski 
resort.  Belknap is county owned and operated.   Because it is not 
trying earn great returns for stock holders the rates are very 
reasonable comparatively.  Still they charge $79 for a 2 hour zipline 
tour.  Needless to say I have not tried the tour yet.  However, 
everyone that I have talked with has loved it.

We reached the parking lot about 2:30 PM.  Returned to Crystal Lake 
and had a dip to wash the sweat off.  It was a great hike.

>Please post a trip report!
>What are their ages?
>Tenacious Tanasi


Life is Good!!!
Art Cloutman

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