[at-l] Northern WA PCT photos

Weathercarrot - weathercarrot at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 25 16:18:50 CDT 2013

Here are my photos for my PCT hike from Snoqualmie Pass to Harts Pass in northern WA, which I did from about July 23rd to August 14th. 
There is an automatic slide show of my favorites on the front page that is fun to let run through it's whole several-minute cycle.....
The site works better when you set your web browser to full screen, such as in Chrome (presentation mode) or IE or Firefox.  Safari doesn't give you that option.   Go to the 2013 folder for the recent stuff.   The site is currently not letting me add descriptions to new folders/galleries, but hopefully that issue will be resolved soon.  Feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be interested.   
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