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I only meant to say that the locals were still talking about the missing
hiker 2 months later. The show does not include any ideas or input except
from the hikers interviewed in the first week of search. You might recognize
the trail in certain spots. The camera crew really did walk some tough bits
of trail to tell the story. In an early shot you see a plank placed to cross
the river in the carrabassett valley (forget name of stream). That plank was
a great help to hikers until just 1 day before I reached that spot. Had to
ford the stream, water up to my waist, in cold September conditions!

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I've got a bad feeling that this is less about the AT and much more about
Route 27.....

Spatior, ergo sum.

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 This will be rebroadcast on
 Animal Planet 12/19 at 8 PM. It is episode #209.  Nearly the entire episode
is  devoted to the search for Geraldine Largay, the hiker that  went missing
in Maine last July. The show has some details  that indicate where they
searched & what leads they  pursued. I was on this section of trail in
September and  even at that date the interest & theories were abundant.
 Folks in the town of Stratton had a different opinion of the  effort made
by those in charge of the search!  Arthur D. Gaudet RockDancer on the
Appalachian Trail Rockdancer97 at comcast.net

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