[at-l] Strix Nebulosa on AT near Hanover

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Wed Feb 6 11:09:36 CST 2013

A Great Gray Owl is creating a scene on the AT near Hanover NH, about 4
miles East of Town on the way to the Etna Road. This is quite a rarity since
the bird might normally be seen as East as Quebec and perhaps as South as
Northern Minnesota. I believe this is only the third bird seen anywhere in
all of New England over the last 10 years. Some think it's the same bird
seen near Lake Champlain in late December. It's North America's largest owl!


Birders have staked out a couple of viewing areas, marking with yellow tape,
on and near the AT. They are walking about .5 mile to the West, from the
Trescott Road crossing of the AT. Trescott Road is 4.5 miles from Hanover.


If you're a birder you probably have already heard of the owl, but local AT
folks might not have heard. It's about a 2-hour drive for me so I doubt I'll
be chasing this one but I hope others get to see it. Another plus, this kind
of owl is a daytime feeder, usually in the morning and near dusk, so I hope
folks see it moving and hunting in the marsh. 


Arthur D. Gaudet

RockDancer on the Appalachian Trail

Rockdancer97 at comcast.net


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