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Actually, those of you who have never had giardia may just be among the
20-30% that are asymptomatic carriers.  If you get it but don't know it,
you just spread it around for the rest of us who do get the symptoms.

Or, you just never found bad water.  Most water along the trail is fine.
 Unfortunately, there's no way to tell by just looking at it. Someone's
infected dog may have just taken a dump along the stream above where you're
taking your water.

As someone who travels extensively including third world and developing
countries, I've had all sorts of digestive problems and exposing myself to
bugs from these places hasn't done much for my immune system, it just slows
me down when I get sick.

Using some form of treatment for water along the trail is the ounce of
prevention I recommend for hikers who don't want to get laid up for a week
or more with giardiasis.  Of course, the only time I've had giardiasis was
after accepting filtered water from someone on the Long Trail.  He didn't
keep his intake and output hoses separate.

Me?  I use chemicals.  They pack smaller, lighter, and are more fool-proof
than the other options.

Stitches, AT99

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