[at-l] Jolly Rovers - Appalachian Trail Stonework in New York

K Koontz atinca95 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 13:28:29 CST 2013

I saw this video on the ATC site and wanted to share it ...... this is some
great rock work with beautiful steps as a result and the grip hoist
working shots are terrific. I posted it to my maintainers blog, but wanted
to share it further:

>From the video website:

"During the winter of 2012, volunteers of the New York-New Jersey Trail
Conference approached the Jolly Rovers to visit Appalachian Trail at
Fitzgerald Falls in Greenwood Lake, NY. The trail over the falls had been
worn away long ago and consisted of a 50 foot unstable scramble up a narrow
chute. After a series of scouting trips the Rovers eagerly adopted the
project; it’s most ambitious undertaking since the crew had launched a year
earlier in 2011."

See this link to read more & for video:


I love rock work, so I really enjoyed this!

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