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I sure do. I was on the Smokies Team. We had very cold temperatures (December) and didn't make it very far. We were prepared but it was just too brutal. A couple of us returned in the spring and finished the section. Our section was from Newfound Gap to Fontana Dam. THe trail was very icy and you had to have crampons in many places. We all had them, but it got to the point that it was too dangerous. We had a lot of fun, though. I don't know where the shirt is, but I still have the hat.


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> I was scrounging for a warm shirt this morning and pulled out a purple long sleeve with a yellow Backpacker magazine logo.  Does anyone remember the AOL/Backpacker tag team hike of the AT back in the 1990's?  Each participant got the shirt.
> I can't remember the exact year, nor do I remember my exact 50 miles, but it was in Virginia.  I hiked with another woman, and took the packet containing a banner and a few other hike-related items from Chase Davidson; can't remember who I handed it off to.  Guy Brooks (MtnTopper) was the section coordinator.  Is anyone out there a participant of that hike?
> Other than a couple of one or two nighters in the Shenandoah I was just getting started in backpacking and learned a lot on that 50 miles, and met some wonderful people who continued to help me learn the basics.
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