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Any volunteers to get a HATT going for 20?? :)

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My boys and I were on the HATT Hike, heading across the north end of the 
Smokies to meet up with POG and Dee at Clingmans. We cruised along in the 
rain, happily trenching out the bigger puddles with walking sticks, and 
watching/listening as the water drained out. (The boys were 6 at the time, 
and already very comfy on trail...
The part that I didn't expect was, 3 months later when Stitches and I were 
strolling this same section (to meet POG[!] at Davenport), the trail was 
entirely free of puddles. It just shocked me that our little effort would 
actually have a lasting effect. Coollllll.

I don't want to mutilate Dee & POG's remembrance of meeting up with the boys 
near Clingman's, but as I remember it, near that south-facing open slope, 
the boys are headed downhill and are spotted by Dee & POG (and Simon, 
right?!?), who conclude "Hmmmm. Tiny kids gamboling down an open slope like 
mountain goats. Could it be other than...." and who then inquire directly of 
the boys,
"Hey, which one of you is Pokey, and which one is Gumby?"
and they COMPLETELY shocked the otherwise unflappable boys, who apparently 
forgot that the people they were going to meet, might actually be expecting 
them. HA! Cracks me up to this day....

who also, long ago, made great friends with glucosamine/chondroitan...

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I still take it also. No arthritis pain at all. I remember talking to you 
about that. Good to hear from you.
On Feb 21, 2013, at 9:10 PM, Martha Federle wrote:
I remember you as being the one who saved the quality of my life when you 
told me about glucosamine & chondroiton.  I was suffering from severe 
arthritis as well as bursitis when I had to avoid my thru hike attempt, and 
I'm taking G&C to this day!

I remember the problems encountered in the Smokies that year.  It's good to 
hear from you.


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I sure do. I was on the Smokies Team.

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