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Hi Tenacious,

I also had the chicken salad at Jordan Pond House. It would be a real treat to eat a cranberry chicken salad sandwich after hiking up Cadillac Mt.  

Acadia is one of our favorite places. I am working up the nerve to hike up the Precipice Trail this summer. I heard someone died on that trail in 2012. 

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On Feb 22, 2013, at 11:52 PM, Tenacious Tanasi <tenacious_tanasi at yahoo.com> wrote:

> At the Jordan Pond House Restaurant on Desert Island in Maine we were introduced to cranberry walnut chicken salad.... O... M... G!!!  Scrumptudeliciouslynomnomnom!!!!  
> Of course, it could have been so amazing simply due to the dining view from the lawn of the restaurant overlooking Jordan Pond with Penobscot Mountain and the Bubbles in the distance.... the wonderful company of my scrumptious new husband sitting across from me (we were on our honeymoon :).... or from being soooo hungry after a morning of kayaking out on the ocean, sight seeing around Bar Harbor, and then biking across the island to the restaurant.  LOL
> At any rate this gave me a wonderful idea for a hiking sandwich!  There are many different kinds of bread you can use such as croissant, flat bread, tortilla, pita pocket bread...  I  prefer croissant or pita bread.  I also like grilled chicken plain but diced well.  I package the chicken, chopped celery, chopped onion, craisins, and walnuts together in a sandwich baggie.  On hot days I will even freeze it overnight because it will be just thawed but still chilled at lunch time.  When you stop for break simply add a couple packs of mayonnaise into the sandwich baggie, close, and squish all around to mix well.  Then just open the baggie and squish out onto your bread of choice.  If you like you can add a couple slices of well washed lettuce to your nalgene with ice on hot days to keep it crisp until you add it to your sandwich.
> You could always buy some Sweet Sue packaged chicken breast to cut prep time.  It's pretty good.  
> http://www.meijer.com/s/sweet-sue-premium-chicken-breast-1-can-7-oz/_/R-118952
> There are so many variations you can do with this.  You can use a sesame ginger sauce instead of mayo and add a pinch of slaw mix of cabbage and carrots with a little cilantro and sunflower seeds.  Or you can use a peach dressing with cranberries and almonds.  And, the list goes on and on.  :))
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