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Leslie Booher lbooher at charter.net
Thu Jan 10 16:23:43 CST 2013

      Gee! They're only 10 years behind -- 15, tops.
      I mean, in geologic time, that's like "instant" isn't it?

      Well, better late than never.....


      I was surprised that he's a year older than I am.  I'd never really thought about his age, but I wouldn't have guessed it correctly.  Odd that the article said that "he" went up and down the trail looking for a place to put a hostel, but it never mentioned Pat, not even in the passing pronoun.  He is an impressive person.  Although we live not more than 10 miles apart, I rarely run into him.  I guess the hikers keep him totally busy.    a'bear

      Humankind (be both) 
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