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Passing this along:

"Hi, My name is Cathy and I am Pat Shaw's daughter-in-law. Pat lives with
my husband, Paul and I. She is struggling with lung cancer. We don't know
how much time she has. We take it one day at a time. She is in hospice
care. I was hoping to get the word out to some of the hikers who stayed at
Shaw's when she and Keith still owned it. It was the best part of her life
and I know it was hard for her to let go of the place. It would thrill her
to no end to hear from any hikers who stayed there. If you would like to
send her a card, the address is RR 1, Box 16A, Chester, OK 73838. If you
want to send an email, I would be happy to print it for her. I think what
would please her most would be stories that people remember from staying at
Shaw's. Something funny or just memorable for any reason. If you know how
to reach anyone else who stayed there, please pass this message on. Pat can
walk with a walker, but she no longer can get her own meals or do much of
anything. She mostly sits and sleeps, although she will sometimes pick up a
book and read, or watch a tv program. She still has her sense of humor and
very rarely complains of her situation. My email is johnston74 at live.com. I
hope we will hear from you!"

Pat used to love getting summit pics and Christmas cards back from hikers
who stayed with her. Time to send her another one, please.

- Teej
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