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When Dan Smith did the FT, he made camp after dark one night somewhere down south, maybe Big Cypress.  He pulled off his socks, turned them inside out, and tossed them on some "shrubs" to dry.  The shrubs must have been poison ivy because he got such a bad case on his feet that he had to quit the trail and go home.

For the record, I once got poison ivy that continued to spread.  Had to finally take two doses of steroid pills to stop it.


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Somewhere between wading through Big Cypress and getting home, JK acquired a rash while backpacking. It looked and acted like poison ivy - red, weepy, itchy - at first, but after several days of applying calamine it has traveled several inches up his leg in a very narrow path following a vein. Anyone ever deal with this sort of thing after backpacking through jungle-like environments? Wondering if it could be a worm/parasite. Thanks for any ideas.

Cheers, Navigator


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