[at-l] !! Email about the AT-L: ACTION REQUIRED !!

Ryan K. Brooks ryan at hack.net
Wed Jul 17 15:37:43 CDT 2013

*** This is the last email you'll get from the "old" AT-L, the 
Appalachian Trail email list.  You're receiving this because your email 
address was associated with the list as of June 2013. ***

Unfortunately, data related to the AT-L was destroyed at the end of last 
month, and I've just now been able to retrieve the email list.    If 
you'd like to resubscribe, please go here:


And resubscribe.   I've been able to suck all the old email addresses 
out of the database, but I don't have your prefs: I've got no idea if 
you were NOMAIL, Digest or anything else.   So, if you'd like to hop 
back on, please visit the above address and subscribe.    This is the 
only message you'll receive otherwise, as I'm dumping this list of 
emails after this post.   If you have questions or need help, please do 
email me at ryan at hack.net - apologies in advance if you consider this 
email to be unwanted.

Thanks and sorry for the outage,

Ryan Brooks

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