[at-l] reborn at-l

Patton, Linda lpatton at fsu.edu
Thu Jul 18 15:24:32 CDT 2013

Mais oui!  Absolument!  Sans nul doute! 
But ... where is Felix?? 

~~ eArThworm
From: Tom McGinnis [sloetoe at yahoo.com]
Quality folks, all!!

On Thu, 7/18/13, Patton, Linda <lpatton at fsu.edu> wrote:
 When I looked a few minutes ago,
 there were only
 thirty people who've re-upped.  :-(
 ~~ eArThworm

 Only the hardcore.
 On Thu, 7/18/13, Trailwife at aol.com<Trailwife at aol.com>wrote:

  This is a test for me to see if  this reaches the new
  ORR (Old  RidgeRunner)

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