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South Walker southwalker at windstream.net
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I would go directly to the top dog in the marketing department. They
typically have a budget item for this kind of thing.


Prepare yourself with some info on the conference including who, what, when,
where, why and how many will attend. Include the subjects to be discussed. 


Put together a sales pitch. Make it short and to the point.


Look on their web page to find a name.


South Walker 


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I've been given the task of requesting samples from 
Clif bars, KIND bars, etc. for gift bags at a hiking 
conference.  I've never done this before and I'm 
not sure where to start.  Call them (who to ask 
for, and what to say?) or write/email (again, to 
whom, and what to say?)?  If you've done this 
successfully, please email me directly and let me 
know how to proceed.  Thanks. 

lpatton at fsu.edu 

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