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yes, Beavis, in 1997. Met him and I think I have a picture of him somewhere in TN. On Aug. 15, 2001, when doing the Long Trail I met Beavis again, 4 years older & seemingly much more mature. I was resting inside Taft Lodge,a shelter with a door, etc, just below the Chin on Mt. Mansfield, trying to decide if I wanted to spend the night. I was trail-dazed, partly from the heat, partly from lack of water; Here's what I wrote:
"The caretaker asks me a question and I can't understand him. I move closer and he repeats, and repeats again. Then asks if I've been drinking enough water. Yes, I tell him, I just can't understand you! He's from Texas, quite an unexpected accent. We talk about hiking, who's been by, where else he's been. We talk about the AT and then it comes out. This is Beavis! The crazy SoBo hiker who was carrying a cardboard cutout of a supermodel on the AT in '97! We talk and trade trail gossip. ..."

Beavis also related some stories of his job that summer, and saving the life of a man who tripped and impaled himself onto a spruce tree. With some medical training Beavis hiked to the bleeding man and likely saved his life... the details are gruesome. He was working for the Green Mountain National Forest, and hoping to get to working as a ranger for National Parks somewhere. That was the plan in '01 anyway. Three weeks later, the 9/11 attacks occurred and the world changed.

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