[at-l] Youngest solo thru?

Dave Hicks carla_dave_hicks at verizon.net
Mon Jun 10 13:44:25 CDT 2013


14-year-old attempts record on the Appalachian Trail

"Chipmunk" is 14. She plans to solo hike the entire 2,100 mile length of the 
Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine this summer.

Dan Dennison WDBJ7 News Director

9:41 a.m. EDT, June 10, 2013


Her name is "Chipmunk", she's 14 and she's out to set a record.

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Chipmunk is Neva Warren of Florida and she got her trail name because of her 
chippy cheeks.

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She got the idea after a short hike during a family vacation in Shenandoah 
National Park.  She told us she trained on a flat, paved, bike trail in 
Florida, "No hills, nothing.  I could only get up to about 12 miles and 
(now) the trail has done a lot of training for me and I can do about 20 
miles now."

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