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I hate to call someone dumb, but that was asking to be Darwinized.
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> On tonight's Johnson City, TN, news, they interviewed a female
> thru-hiker who had spent the night in the snowstorm on Unaka Mountain.  For
> some reason, she didn't settle down and set up her tent and get in her
> sleeping bag.  She was hiking alone.  Way in the night, when she fell down
> in a fetal position on the mountain, she called her mother-in-law, who
> called for rescue.  They got her down sometime in the morning.  The
> rescue ATVs bogged down in the snow, and they had to walk her down.  The
> hospital said that she has signs of beginning hypothermia, but nothing
> serious.  It's all very odd and sketchy to me.  With cell phone reception
> being what it is in the mountains around here, it's a miracle she got
> through to anyone.
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