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Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 7 08:17:47 CST 2013

--- On Thu, 3/7/13, Amy Forinash <aeforinash at gmail.com> wrote:

> Date: Thursday, March 7, 2013, 7:40 AM
> Wow!  Not what I expected at
> all.  Yay for mother-in-law I guess. 
> -Mrs Joy

### My Mom would've handled it a bit differently.....

{cue THICK Long Island accent} "Hello?!? Is anybody there? Who *is* this? ... *Whooooo*? Jill?!? Jill, is that youuuuu?!? Whaaaaaat? Well, what's wrong, dearie. You sound upset. I thought you were out galavanting. What's going onnnn? ... ... Well, why didn't you stop? ... ... Weren't you tired? ... ... Well, why are you leaving towns when you're tired all the time? Are you eating enough? ... ...   Well, what about those cabin things? ... Yes, "leantos" -- whateveh. ... ... Why don't you go find one? ... ... Well, why are you walking in the dark? ... ... Well, what happened to that fancy tent? And don't you have a sleeping bag or somethin'? ... ... Why aren't you using them, honey? No- nooo, just answeh my question -- why aren't you using them *now*? Right now? Honey, cryin' ain't gonna help you -- slow down. Okay. ... Okay. ... Okay, listen, Jill -- you're just not thinking. You're just being silly. You need to get that tent up right now, right where
 you're at, and go to bed. You call me in the morning -- things will look a lot better when you've got some sleep in you and you can see what you're doing. You wanted to go galavanting in the woods -- this is your thing -- you just need to deal with tonight. Get to bed, Okay???? You'll do fine. You'll do fine. .... ... Now, you call me in the mawn-ning, okay? Or I'll worry. ... You promise? Come on.... Good. Okay, Love you. Okay. Okay. Good. G'night.

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