[at-l] Another Hiker Down!

Tom Fort tom at tjfort.net
Mon Mar 11 11:29:44 CDT 2013

Those trails coming down off of mnt LeConte ARE scary.  I did the 
Boulevard trail once.  One portion has switchback where you might feel 
the need to crawl down them because they are steep and exposed.   
Another portion is nothing but a ledge cut into a sheer wall of rock.  
You have to hold onto a cable to keep from falling (70 ft maybe).    I 
did it in a winter storm!  Needed to get off that mountain!  Scary 


Quoting Tom McGinnis <sloetoe at yahoo.com>:
> Yeah, but at least that's a *real* rescue, not a cell-phone-generated 
> "Hey! Why
> look inside for [self-] rescue, when I've got technology [holds 
> self-own high in
> triumph] RIGHT HERE!"
> (And, although I've read the description of the steepish Alum Cave Trail a
> gazillion times, I have never hiked it! Sheeesh!)
> RescueMetoe
> --- On Mon, 3/11/13, Leslie Booher <lbooher at charter.net> wrote:
> News in the Johnson City, TN, paper this morning says that GSMNP 
> rangers rescued
> a man on Saturday evening who had fallen 70' down off the Alum Cave Trail on
> Mount LeConte.  Sigh.  He was with a group, and the group called in for his
> rescue. 
> a'bear
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