[at-l] Morton's Neuroma - it's not in my head...

Michael Henderson michaelh at ospreypacks.com
Tue Mar 12 13:11:23 CDT 2013


Hi Mara, 

I certainly haven't had Morton's Neuroma (do you get this
from eating too much salt??), but by the end of my thru, ALL of my toes
were numb. I didn't really notice that until after I'd stopped hiking,
and then it took about 4-6 months for feeling to return back to the ends
of all my toes (the ends were the last to regain feeling, recovery
progressed from the foot along the toes to the ends). 

Having numb toes
did not appear to affect my walking in any way. I would like to think
that 2 numb toes out of 10 would not be at all a problem for hiking!
With careful inspection every evening, for cuts, bruises, etc, you
probably won't notice there's anything different. 

Ke Kaahawe 

TYT'94, LT'01 

On 2013-03-12 11:48, Mara Factor wrote: 

> "Morton's
Neuroma... it's not in my head." So says my podiatrist after looking at
my MRI results. 
> So, after spending the last couple of months
mostly off my feet, trying non-surgical approaches to no avail, I'm now
faced with surgery that has a 90% success rate that will leave two of my
toes permanently numb. For what it's worth, my podiatrist has a 27-year,
100% success rate. 
> As much as permanent numbness will be
disconcerting, getting rid of the pain will be worth it but I don't know
if there are any unforeseen problems I might have as a hiker. 
> Does
anyone have experience dealing with this? 
> Thanks so much, 
> Stitches, AT99

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