[at-l] Crews working to rescue hiker on the Appalachian Trail

Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 12 13:51:35 CDT 2013

This is a hugely wonderful idea.
Establishing their whereabouts would be a nearly trivial endeavor.
Getting there from CT is a hard day's drive.
Surprising them in PA/NJ/NY will be nothing -- surprising them NOW -- well! THAT would be love.


(AND BTW, most of us have our Trail Magic/Angeling stories -- it's wayyyyy fun to do.)

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Why not surprise them at some point north of Springer?  Perhaps at the point where the AT goes through the store (I forget the name of the store or the mile marker).  Someone on the list may know or the itinery your spouse left with you may give an indication.  

Skylander Jack

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From: Jennifer Osterhoudt <jeno914 at hotmail.com>

You guys are killing me with these stories. My husband and son just started the 
trail at Springer. Last night was their first night. All I can say is its going 
to be a long 6 months for me But they are loving it so far

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