[at-l] Pill bottles, trail use??

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Mon Mar 25 08:02:00 CDT 2013

We used to use empty film canisters to protect the ends of our water hoses.
 SD cards don't need canisters but pill bottles could fill the same
function.  Put a hole the size of your hose in the bottom, feed the hose
through before putting your mouthpiece on, then the cap can go on the
bottle to protect the mouthpiece when it inevitably falls on the ground.
 Of course, then you have to weigh the cost of fiddling with the cap
against the benefit of keeping the mouthpiece clean.

Hmm, I also use them for some kitchen type stuff - spices, sugar, etc. when
I'm on road trips but I don't usually bring that stuff when hiking..

What I don't put in pill bottles would be anything that will drive me crazy
as it rattles around when I'm hiking.

I use bead bags (very small ziplock bags) for my pills.  That prevents the
pills from rattling around and like your food bag, they'll take up less
space as the medicine gets used up.  If pills need protection from being
crushed in your pack, then maybe put the entire bead bag in a pill bottle.

Happy reusing,

Stitches, AT99

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> Anyone found a use for empty pill bottles?
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