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Wed Oct 9 08:23:42 CDT 2013

I'm likewise bummed.  Really hoped to make it this year, but I'm still  chained to my work desk.  With two other people out on European vacations, I just can't leave.  

Next year, next year, next year----I'll be a free woman.  I'm retiring January 31--whoooopeeeeeeee!!!!!!


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Dang it!
I was really (if secretly) looking forward to a Gather-trip, but it's not to be 
-- bummer me.

I hope you are all good and well and gettin' it done.
I miss being home -- I miss a Gather.


Spatior, ergo sum.
(But, in consolation, a buddy is turning an 8 hour woodsy run into a 24 hour 
run, and a bunch of us gearing up to join him. Ethnic restaurants and microbrew 
nearby -- should be horrible, you know? I'm hoping to crack some miles that I 
haven't seen in a couple of years. Rock'n'roll.)

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