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Patton, Linda lpatton at fsu.edu
Mon Oct 14 19:11:03 CDT 2013

On the way south from Greeneville, TN this afternoon,
I crossed the AT on that windy mountain road east of Hot
Springs, and stopped south of the Trail crossing, where a short
dirt side road from the Trail comes out beside that 'derelict'
old store...and guess what, the dang place is still open!
I didn't go in so I don't know if the old heater is still over-
heating the place.  Anyway, I went on in to Hot Springs to
see if I could surprise Sunny "Sunshine" Riggs at the Artisun
and take her to lunch.  Guess what, it was her day off.  :-(
So I ate at the Iron Horse (good food, lousy service) and
then went to Bluff Mtn. Outfitters and got Felix one of those
shirts he'd been looking for (If I recall rightly.  Couldn't get
him to answer the phone so as to ask.  Is he out on the
Trail???).  Then back to Artisun to get some ice cream.
(Yummmm.  Ice cream!)  And as I pull up, guess who's
crossing the street?  Sunny!  Trail magic!  So we chatted
for a while.  Seems 'owners' don't really get FULL days off,
always.  Anyhow, she said Sly was supposed to be dropping
by on his way back from the Gathering, but he didn't arrive
before I had to leave.  :-( again.

It was a very happy couple of hours in Hot Springs.  Seems
like there were a good many 'tourists' there and lots more
businesses than the last time I was there, a good many
years ago.  The place looks good.

~~ eArThworm
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