[at-l] Need help with a Sam Waddle artifact

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Sun Oct 20 22:48:28 CDT 2013

On Sun, 10/20/13, Patton, Linda <lpatton at fsu.edu> wrote:
 How so, Sloetoe?

Well, Jerry Cabin: ~300 miles up?
10 miles a day -- 30 days
1 day a week off -- 35 days
another day "penalty" for being an artist -- 36 days
RbR started at Springer on Valentines Day, 1995, and cleared Neels Gap 3 days later.

Take that forward!
Harpers Ferry is 788 miles up -- about 2.6 times Jerry Cabin?
Call that 95 days from Springer, + 1 week for Trail Days, and + 2 days for Rustys (1995, after all), so
95+7+2 == 104, from Valentine's Day, or 15 weeks == May 30 through Harper's Ferry.

So, check Springer log ~ Valentine's Day
             Neels' Gap ~ 02/17-18/2013
            Jerry Cabin ~ 03/22/95
Harpers' Ferry ~ 05/30/1995

Elementary, my dear (eArTh)Worm...

 > That date would help a lot: 3/22/95
  Take a look at these photos from the
  artifacts of Sam Waddle:
  Does anyone know who carved the picture in this shelf 
 fungus? The clue is in the 'signature' which is
  --RBR   with the middle 'B' smaller than the
 R's and raised higher.  I feel like I've seen that
 before, but can't remember the name of the person it
 designates. Anyone??
  ~~ eArThworm

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