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I agree; the subtitle is a bit over the top.

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Looks like a labor of love, in the writing of this one, but I what Earl 
would say.

(Oh, never mind. I can still hear 'im.)

She's the hiker, "who saved the Appalachian Trail....." Well, an open mind. 
There's a lot I don't know.

I know Dan Bruce was not as pure as the wind-driven snow across the trail, 
but he sure did a lot of
good for the AT community.

I know that Christopher Columbus did not discover America, but he sure did a 
lot to publicize things.

I know that Granma Gatewood made a splash when she was hiking.

I think I'd like to read this book.

Spatior, ergo sum.
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Subject: [at-l] Book Review "Grandma Gatewood's Walk"
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"Grandma Gatewood's Walk" is a new
book about one of the most famous AT
hikers.  I'm reading it (and it is an excellent
book.  Its not a "how to" book for hikers but gives you a good picture of 
Grandma and
some idea of what the AT was like back in those days (mid-50s).
Here's a just-posted review of the book:

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