[at-l] Max Patch photos, etc

Weathercarrot - weathercarrot at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 20 10:42:17 CDT 2014

Hi - 
I've recently added a bunch of photos to my site, including Max Patch on the AT in a variety of conditions this past February.

Also, there's a new gallery of aerial photos from an eastbound flight out of LA last December 24th.  The first shot is of the San Jacinto range (and beyond) with the highest elevations being notably snow-free.  All the shots in the gallery were taken within a 75 minute period, and they appear chronologically eastward to somewhere near the AZ/NM line.   
I've done a complete redesign of the site - easier to navigate and find things.  There's a bunch of other new stuff on there as well.  The front page is intended to be stared at for a while.

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