[at-l] Daisy

sloetoe at yahoo.com sloetoe at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 17 09:58:15 CDT 2014

So, to beans, rope, 2.4 ferrets and a cellphone, we need to add 3 square o' shingles, pressure-treated half-sawn logs (12', please), 
and a goodly 30 pounds of 40p nails. And a watch.

On Thu, 8/14/14, Felix J <athiker at smithville.net> wrote:

 Date: Thursday, August 14, 2014, 7:35 AM  
     On 8/13/2014 9:08 AM, Frank Looper wrote:
       I just left. You weren't there!
     neither is the lean-to...   ;) 
       On Aug 4, 2014 9:19 PM, "Felix J" <athiker at smithville.net> wrote:        
           16 years ago right now I was nervously bedding down at Daicy Pond Lean-to....

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