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sloetoe at yahoo.com sloetoe at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 19 09:03:00 CST 2014

I would just thank Goodness & Light even more for the cdt-l......


(And Thank Ryan, TOO!)

On Tue, 2/18/14, Tom Schamp <tschamp at verizon.net> wrote:
 Actually, yes there is.
 It's the Law of Least Resistance.
 We need to upgrade Backcountry Dot Net to a
 web-based phpBB forum similar to
 bogleheads.org, whiteblaze.net and scubaboard.com.
 Totally new users aren't
 gunna sign up for a simple MAILING LIST forum
 about it Ryan, are you up for it?
 I volunteer to be a helpful moderator...
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 ain't no law that says one
 or the other, is there?   :)

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