[at-l] Fast Unsupported hike

Tom Schamp tschamp at verizon.net
Fri Feb 28 11:21:35 CST 2014

A lot of folks on this list are *older* and are taking naps now...

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Southbound of course. No umbrella, hopefully we'll have a drought.

By the way where did everybody go. This list was on the verge of catching
the pct-l for a few days then -------


On 2/28/2014 12:00 PM, sloetoe at yahoo.com wrote:
> With umbrella? Or "Sans Bumbershoot"?
> Mit der Medicare, or Medicaid?
> Spatior, ergo sum.
> --------------------------------------------
> On Fri, 2/28/14, Pat <krozby at zoominternet.net> wrote:
>   What is the fastest unsupported thru-hike by a 65 year old?
>   Pat

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