[at-l] knot

sloetoe at yahoo.com sloetoe at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 29 08:18:54 CDT 2014

"But the tell of the tale was the tale of the tape."
(She said with some charm, as she dabbed at her nape
with a kerchief of fiber  -- synthetic and natural
sweeping down an arm, with a wipe and a drape --
attempting to hide her attempt to be factual)

"Does a tadpole have a watertight bum?  Not as far as I can tell...."
Ho hum.

Spatior, ergo sum.

On Sun, 7/27/14, Frank Looper <nightwalker.at at gmail.com> wrote:
 But are you sure? Really, really sure? You never can trust them knotheads.

 On Jul 27, 2014 10:14 PM, "Felix J" <athiker at smithville.net> wrote:
 Not as far as I can tell

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