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Thanks, buddy. Now it feels like Cristmas.
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> Can we still do this?
> .... 17 years ago yesterday....I left Erwin about noon and headed up to No
> Business Knob. It would be the last time I'd see Groovin' Moose on the
> hike. He ended up staying in Erwin another night. Next time I saw him was
> at the Providence Airport in June of '99. I was pretty much alone from this
> point on. That was alright, as it meant I didn't have to spend so much time
> explaining what I said.
> It snowed pretty hard the last 4 or 5 miles. Very windy and cold. I stayed
> at the shelter about 17 miles south of Erwin. (NC Hilton? Condo? Something.
> Bald Mtn.) Seems like we got 8-10 inches of snow. That is where I met
> Hooper and Toto. I had a blast with those guys that night. Even though I
> never saw either of them (they were in tents 'upstairs'.) I was once again
> surprised to be crossing paths with northbounders. It got very cold and
> snowy that night. I think the snow seemed worse than it was because of the
> wind, though.
> So...17 years ago today was...December 19th, 1998. Miserable weather. It
> warmed up enough to rain, and the snow of the previous day had turned to
> slush. It may have rained, or snowed, or drizzled every step of this day. I
> remember when I got to Sam's Gap, it was pouring pouring. There was lots of
> traffic (I think it was a Saturday.). As the traffic whizzed by, the long
> tails of water that followed them would, of course, hit me. It didn't
> matter, I was already soaked and cold. I finally made it across the road,
> and up to Hogback Ridge Shelter. It was good to get out of the wind and
> rain for a snack. That is where the announcement "Vote to Impeach" came
> through my headset. I had been listening to the NPR broadcast of the stuffy
> impeachment procedings all morning. It definitely helped to take my mind
> off the ankle-deep slush I was trudging through.
> I had a nice evening at Flint Mt. Shelter. I saw one of my 3 mice of the
> entire trip here. I wrote a lot that night, for some reason. I wrote an
> article for the local paper "Photosynthesis: How to use it for good". (That
> may have been something else) Actually, I did write an "Update from the
> Trail" for the local rag. Flint Mt. is a nice shelter, I'd say.
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