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ps - reminder - as with all the galleries, originals are freely downloadable.  The "buy photos" button is for ordering prints.....

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> I just posted a new gallery on my photo site called "Trees". I had a lot of
> fun compiling them, many of which are from the PCT. There's also a fair
> amount from the Sierra foothills, southern Appalachians, and some other
> locations as well. The thumbnails are intentionally in random order and can
> be enjoyed by slowly scrolling down. Or put on some soothing music as you
> run the slideshow. The first and last photos are of the same tree from
> different times of year.
> http://weathercarrot.smugmug.com/Weathercarrot-photos/Trees/
> There's also a few other new galleries on there as well:
> http://weathercarrot.smugmug.com/Weathercarrot-photos
> enjoy!
> wc


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