[at-l] Piittsburgh lives !!!

Richard Mann rkmcoder at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 21 12:38:45 CDT 2015

Yes eArThworm and Art and Pat (and anyone else that may still be on this list that knew me) I am alive and well and living in Florida.  I am nearing retirement and I have my wife almost convinced that a hostel should be in our future (keeping my fingers crossed).  I zillow (Zillow.com) the trail often and will be posting about properties that I find hoping that someone may have an interest.
It has been since 2007 since I set foot on the trail, and I hope to correct that travesty soon.  My wife recognizes the addiction and wants me to go on a hike, but I am still a work-a-day person, and the trail is far far away.
I am patient...
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